Remembrance of Curd Rice

It all started on the day of Janmashtmi 2008 when I first visited Sri Sri Radha Kunjabihari temple in camp Pune. While having a beautiful darshan of Sri Sri Radha Kunjabihariji I heard Vishnu Sahastranaam. So out of curiosity I went to find out where it was being played and I came across a very

Balarama Jayanti, 21st Aug, 6pm to 9pm

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, is the fountainhead of all incarnations. Lord Balarama is his second body. They are both one and the same identity. They differ only in form. Balarama is the first bodily expansion of Krishna, and He assists in Lord Krishna’s transcendental pastimes. He is the source of the entire spiritual

Radha Krishna Jhulana Yatra (17th to 21st Aug)

One of the most popular events in the holy town of Vrindavan, India – where Lord Krishna appeared 5,000 years ago – is the celebration of Jhulan Yatra, the Radha-Krishna swing festival. In Vrindavan among the local villagers and inhabitants this festival lasts for 13 days. In Sri Vrindavan for five days, in many of

Janmashtami – Birthday of Lord Krishna

Long ago the city of Mathura was ruled by a demon king Kamsa. All the citizens in his kingdom always lived in fear because he was wicked and cruel in his behavior. He had a noble sister named Devaki who was married to Vasudeva. One day he heard a divine voice in the sky which

Mr.Niraj Bajaj visits ISKCON NVCC

In Bhagavad gita it is said, whatever a great man does the common men follow. It is Mr. Niraj Bajaj one of the Tycoons in the Indian automobile industry visited our ISKCON new temple and appreciated the great temple and activities over there. He came for a short but a memorable visit. First the BMS

“Those Golden Days”

It was on Monday, the 20th of May when our area experienced the first shower of the season’s rains. It was 5 pm and as usual I was going to pick up my daughter from her harmonium classes. As my two wheeler drove on the wet and oily cement road, little did I know that

First Snana Yatra to Lord Jagannath at ISKCON Pune, 23 June, 9 am

Bring cow milk and perform Abhishek to Lord Jagannath. On this full-moon day, sixteen days before Ratha-yatra, Lord Jagannath is bathed. He becomes sick and is confined to rest for fourteen days. He is then offered special care until He comes out for Ratha-yatra. A special bath of Jagannath takes place on the Purnima of Jyestha month, to commemorate the appearance day of