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Khichdi- ISKCON’S World Famous Prasadam

Khichdi as food for the Soul- Delectable, Pleasing, Ecstatic  By – Abhishek (B.Com) The highest Vedic literature, Srimad Bhagavatam, complied by Srila Vyasadeva over 5000 years ago, is an ancient reference to the use of khichdi (arising from the sanskrit root kicca, meaning a dish of rice and dhal) in Vedic culture, medicine and cuisine.

The Most Auspicious Day of Appearance of Sri Radha

-by Radheshyam das, President, ISKCON, Pune Radhashtami day is the most auspicious day of appearance of Goddess of fortune, Sri Radha, who is the feminine counterpart of Lord Sri Krishna. The scriptures extol her glories as the Supreme mother of the whole universe and the one who mercifully escorts and engages all the jivas in

Radhashtami – The Appearance day of Srimati Radharani

Blog by- Shweta Shetty ( BE. Computer) Radhashtami – the appearance day of Srimati Radharani, the divine consort of Lord Sri Krishna is just round the corner- 23rd Sept 2012. I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss the gender of God I know lot of people think God is formless. But that is

The W.R.I.T.E. service: Five reasons to write in devotional service

Source: For more than a decade, I have been engaged in writing as my most important service to Krishna. Over these years, by Krishna’s mercy, I have written 8 books and some 500 articles – and over 100,000 words in my personal diary. Since last year, when I started writing a daily 300-word meditation

How can we protect India’s culture from rampant westernization

Source: Short Answer : By an inside-out approach of intellectual introspection and spiritual regeneration. Full Answer Our culture is like our blood. Just as blood plays a crucial role in our physical functioning, cultural plays a crucial role in our social functioning. Just as we often notice our blood only when we start losing

Why does our consciousness change suddenly from devotional to sensual?

Source: Question: At one moment we are absorbed in devotional thoughts and then suddenly at the next moment we become submerged in sensual, even immoral, thoughts. Why is spiritual life so unstable? Answer: It is not spiritual life that is unstable; it is we who are unstable in our spiritual life. And our instability

Isn’t renunciation a sign of frustration?

Resources: Question: Doesn’t renunciation indicate an absence of the will to keep fighting amidst frustration? Short Answer: Not necessarily. Renunciation can also be a sign of realization; it can indicate the presence of the insight that there is more to life than fighting futilely for perishable material pleasures. Detailed Answer: Firstly, we need to