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How should we deal with phases of inner emptiness in our spiritual life?

Question: Sometimes when we pray to Krishna or chant his holy names, we feel no fulfilling presence – just a desolate silence within. How should we deal with such phases of inner emptiness? Answer Summary: By not mistaking the Teacher’s silence to be negligence, but by seeing it as a test meant for our spiritual

Is chanting a prayer or a meditation?

Answer Summary: It is both because it enables us to fulfill the purpose of prayer, speaking to God, and the purpose of meditation, listening to God. Answer: How chanting is the best prayer Prayer is a universal practice by which people all over the world and through the ages have connected with God. By praying,

How can we improve our concentration during meditation?

Source: Answer Summary: By contemplating how meditation is where the biggest action is. Answer: Action is what catches our attention. For example, in a cricket test match, when the action slows down as the batsmen start playing defensively, our interest sags. But when the action rises – the bowler delivers a googly that clean

The Pune temple inauguration – The inner and the outer miracle

Source: It was 11 pm. I had just returned into the Pune monastery after an evening program. During the program, I had failed to resist the temptation to answer questions and so was inordinately delayed. (We monks wake up each morning for the 4.30 am prayers and so usually sleep by 9.30-10 pm.) As

Isn’t it better to be spiritual instead of being religious?

Posted by Chaitanya Charan das, Source: Answer Summary: Yes, if by ‘spiritual’ we imply open-mindedness and by ‘religion’ close-mindedness. No, if by ‘spiritual’ we refer to a state of consciousness and by ‘religious’ a process to achieve that state of consciousness. Answer: The intention underlying this desire to be ‘spiritual-not-religious’ is laudable, but its

Why do we misidentify with the mind?

Source: Question: Why do we so often misidentify with the mind despite knowing that it is our enemy? How can we avoid such misidentification? Answer summary: The mind acts like a cunning ventriloquist and makes us think that its voice is our voice. By keeping ourselves informed and alert about its deceitful ways, we

Fulfilling our longing for love

Source: Love is our innermost longing. Gita wisdom declares that our longing for love is best fulfilled when we learn to love Krishna. Let’s understand this central Gita teaching in five parts:    1. Loving Krishna enables our love to break free from all limitations, 2. Krishna is eminently lovable, 3. Krishna loves all